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1. sun (approx. 3.03 cm)
2. length; measurement
3. shortness; tininessSee also 寸が足りない すんがたりない
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4. Cun (unit)The cun is a traditional Chinese unit of length. Its trad... Read more
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1. measurement; size; extent; dimension
2. plan; intention; arrangement; schedule
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Noun, Noun - used as a suffix
1. just before; on the verge of; on the brink of
Noun, Noun - used as a suffix
2. just in front of; just ahead of
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Noun, Suru verb
1. cutting to pieces; tearing to pieces
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すんぶんくる 寸分
Expression, I-adjective
1. accurate; flawless; perfectly ordered; without deviationSee also 寸分 すんぶん
  • そくてい測定
  • には
  • 寸分の狂いもない
  • せいど精度
  • ようきゅう要求
  • される
  • Flawless precision is required in the measurements.
Other forms
寸分の狂いも無い 【すんぶんのくるいもない】
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1. short blade; small weapon
2. epigram; pithy saying
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1. almost; very nearly; only just; barely; just in timeUsually written using kana alone
Other forms
既の所で 【すんでのところで】寸でのところで 【すんでのところで】寸での所で 【すんでのところで】
寸でのところで: Irregular kanji usage. 寸での所で: Irregular kanji usage.
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Adverb, Na-adjective
1. to pieces; into shredsUsually written using kana alone
Other forms
寸寸 【ずだずだ】寸々 【ずたずた】寸々 【ずだずだ】ズタズタズダズダ
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1. small present; small token of appreciation; with compliments (e.g. written on small gift)
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すんぶんたが 寸分違
Expression, Noun or verb acting prenominally
1. exactly the same; identical; exact; perfect
Other forms
寸分たがわぬ 【すんぶんたがわぬ】
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3 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6.
measurement, tenth of a shaku, a little, small
On: スン
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  • 74490
    • にえた煮え立たせる
    • すんぜん寸前
    • よわび弱火
    • して
    • もういちどもう一度
    • あく灰汁
    • とりのぞ取り除きます
    4. Just before bringing it to the boil, set to a low flame and remove the scum again. Tatoeba
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すなお 【寸七翁】
Given name, gender not specified
1. Sunao
すなおう 【寸七翁】
Given name, gender not specified
1. Sunaou
すんごろうざか 【寸五郎坂】
1. Sungorouzaka
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