7 strokes
man, human 人 (亻)
expand, stretch, extend, lengthen, increase
Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high
JLPT level N2
730 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 伸長 【シンチョウ】 expansion, extension, elongation, stretching
  • 伸縮 【シンシュク】 expansion and contraction, elasticity, flexibility
  • 続伸 【ゾクシン】 continuous rise (in market price)
  • 急伸 【キュウシン】 sudden rise (esp. of stock prices), jump

Kun reading compounds

  • 伸びる 【のびる】 to stretch, to extend, to lengthen, to grow (of hair, height, grass, etc.), to straighten out, to be flattened, to become smooth, to spread (of paint, cream, etc.), to stretch out (e.g. of a hand), to extend, to lose elasticity, to become slack, to become soggy (e.g. noodles), to make progress, to develop, to expand, to increase, to improve, to be exhausted, to be groggy, to pass out, to collapse, to be prolonged (meeting, life span, etc.), to be extended (e.g. deadline), to lengthen (e.g. of the days), to be postponed, to be delayed, to be put off
  • 伸ばす 【のばす】 to grow long (e.g. hair, nails), to lengthen, to extend, to stretch, to reach out, to hold out, to straighten, to smooth out, to spread evenly (dough, cream, etc.), to dilute, to thin out, to postpone, to prolong, to strengthen, to develop, to expand
  • 延べる 【のべる】 to lay out (a futon), to make (bed), to spread out, to stretch, to widen, to postpone, to extend
  • 伸す 【のす】 to stretch, to extend, to lengthen, to spread, to gain influence, to become stronger, to increase (e.g. in scope), to go further, to extend one's journey, to smooth out, to roll out, to spread out (something folded), to iron out (creases), to knock out, to knock down


Japanese names:
のぶ、 よぼる
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • prolongar
  • expandir
  • estirar
  • extender
  • alargar
  • prolongarse
  • estirarse


  • expandir
  • esticar
  • extender
  • alongar
  • aumentar


  • allonger
  • étirer
  • accroître
  • étendre
  • augmenter
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