1. idiot; moron; foolUsually written using kana alone
2. trivial matter; folly; absurdityUsually written using kana alone
  • なんという
  • ばか馬鹿
  • こと
  • だろう
  • What a piece of folly!
Na-adjective (keiyodoshi)
3. stupid; foolish; dull; absurd; ridiculousUsually written using kana alone
  • わたし
  • そんな
  • ばかな
  • こと
  • しない
  • こと
  • 決めた
  • I decided not to do such a foolish thing.
Noun, Na-adjective (keiyodoshi)
4. fervent enthusiast; nut; person singularly obsessed with somethingUsually written using kana alone, usu. in compounds
5. Mactra chinensis (species of trough shell)Abbreviation, Usually written using kana alone, See also 馬鹿貝
Wikipedia definition
6. Baka (fool)Baka (馬鹿, ばか, or バカ) is a frequently used Japanese word meaning "fool; idiot; jerk; dolt; imbecile; foolish; stupid; worthless; absurd; ridiculous; idiotic".
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Other forms
莫迦 【ばか】破家 【ばか】馬稼 【ばか】バカ
馬鹿: Ateji (phonetic) reading. 莫迦: Ateji (phonetic) reading. 破家: Ateji (phonetic) reading. 馬稼: Ateji (phonetic) reading.


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