1. two reams (of paper); 1000 sheets (of paper)ateji for "ream"; also written as 嗹
2. stanza; versealso written as 聯
3. tribe (in taxonomy)Biology term
4. forecast (bet); bet which predicts the top 2 finishers (i.e. quinella or perfecta bet)Abbreviation, See also 連勝式
Noun - used as a suffix
5. party; company; group; set
6. things strung in a line, e.g. pearls, dried fish, spans of a bridge, etc.also written as 聯
7. falconObsolete term
Wikipedia definition
8. MurajiMuraji (連). Muraji was an ancient Japanese hereditary title denoting rank and political standing that was reserved for the most powerful among the Tomo no Miyatsuko clans, which were clans associated with particular occupations. The muraji rivaled the rank of omi in political power and standing during much of the Kofun period and were frequently in conflict with them over political issues such as whether Buddhism should be accepted and issues of emperor succession.
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