1. bamboo steamer; steaming basket; wooden frame holder with reed base used to steam food over a potUsually written using kana alone, 井籠 (rarely 井篭) refers to a square basket
2. soba served on a small wickerwork tray; wickerwork tray (for serving soba)Usually written using kana alone
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3. MushikiMushiki or seiro are two different types of Japanese steamers. Mushiki are round steamers made from bamboo like those used in Chinese cuisine. They can be stacked on top of each other so that the steam can cook many different servings simultaneously. Seiro are large rectangular steamers made traditionally from bamboo but nowadays also often from metal. Seiro can also be stacked.
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Other forms
蒸籠 【せいろう】蒸篭 【せいろ】蒸篭 【せいろう】井籠 【せいろ】井籠 【せいろう】井篭 【せいろ】井篭 【せいろう】
井籠: Irregular kanji usage. 井籠: Irregular kanji usage. 井篭: Irregular kanji usage. 井篭: Irregular kanji usage.


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