13 strokes
grass 艸 (艹)
steam, heat, sultry, foment, get musty
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6
JLPT level N2
1552 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 蒸気 【ジョウキ】 steam, vapour, vapor, steamboat, steam locomotive
  • 蒸発 【ジョウハツ】 evaporation, disappearance (of a person), vanishing without a trace
  • 燻蒸 【クンジョウ】 fumigation, smoking (out)
  • 蒸籠 【セイロ】 bamboo steamer, steaming basket, wooden frame holder with reed base used to steam food over a pot, soba served on a small wickerwork tray, wickerwork tray (for serving soba)
  • せいろ蒸し 【セイロムシ】 steaming (of food) using a bamboo steamer

Kun reading compounds

  • 蒸す 【むす】 to steam (food, towel, etc.), to be hot and humid, to be sultry
  • 蒸れる 【むれる】 to be steamed (properly, e.g. rice), to be stuffy, to grow musty, to get close, to become sweaty, to feel sticky, to moulder
  • 蒸らす 【むらす】 to cook by steam


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • vapor
  • echar vapor
  • cocinar al vapor


  • vapor
  • calor
  • quente
  • compressas
  • ficar mofado


  • cuire à la vapeur
  • chauffer
  • torride
  • fomenter
  • renfermé
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