1. porcupine (any mammal of suborder Hystricomorpha)Usually written using kana alone
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2. PorcupinePorcupines are rodents with a coat of sharp spines, or quills, that defend and camouflage them from predators. They are indigenous to the Americas, southern Asia, and Africa. Porcupines are the third largest of the rodents, behind the capybara and the beaver. Most porcupines are about 25–36 in (63–91 cm) long, with an 8–10 in (20–25 cm) long tail. Weighing between 12–35 lb (5.4–16 kg), they are rounded, large and slow. Porcupines come in various shades of brown, grey, and the unusual white.
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Other forms
山荒らし 【やまあらし】豪猪 【やまあらし】山嵐 【やまあらし】ヤマアラシ
山荒: Rarely-used kanji form. 山荒らし: Rarely-used kanji form. 豪猪: Rarely-used kanji form. 山嵐: Irregular kanji usage.


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