Expression, Noun
1. mountain godOnly applies to やまのかみ
2. one's wife (esp. a nagging wife)Jocular, humorous term, Only applies to やまのかみ
3. roughskin sculpin (Trachidermus fasciatus)Usually written using kana alone
4. Yamanokami
Wikipedia definition
5. Yama-no-KamiYama-no-Kami (山の神) is the name given to a kami of the mountains in the Shinto religion of Japan. These can be of two different types. The first type is a god of the mountains who is worshipped by hunters, woodcutters, and charcoal burners. The second is a god of agriculture who comes down from the mountains and is worshipped by farmers. This kami is generally considered as a goddess, or a female deity.
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