Godan verb with su ending, Transitive verb
1. to make a decision; to draw a conclusion
  • もんだい問題
  • だれ
  • けってい決定
  • くだ下す
  • いう
  • こと
  • The question is who will make the decision.
2. to give a judgement; to hand down a verdict; to pass a sentence; to give an order
  • これらの
  • ぎろん議論
  • もんだい問題
  • になっている
  • ひょうけつ評決
  • 、1994
  • ねん
  • ランダー
  • さいばん裁判
  • くだ下された
  • ものである
  • The verdict at issue in these discussions is the one brought in the Lander's trial in 1994.
3. to let go down; to lower
4. to do oneself; to do by oneselfSee also 手を下す
  • くだ下し
  • よう
  • 無い
  • There's nothing to be done about it.
5. to beat; to defeat
6. to have loose bowels; to have diarrhea
7. to pass (in stool); to discharge from the body
Auxiliary verb, Godan verb with su ending
8. to do in one go; to do to the end without stoppingafter -masu stem of verb
Other forms
降す 【くだす】


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