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Ichidan verb, intransitive verb
1. to open out (of a view, scenery, etc.); to spread out; to become clear (of a road, visibility, etc.); to open up
2. to improve (of luck, prospects, etc.); to get better
  • そうすれば
  • やがて
  • うん
  • ひら開ける
  • でしょう
  • And soon your luck will turn for the better.
3. to develop (of a town, civilization, etc.); to become civilized; to modernize; to grow; to advance (of knowledge, ideas, etc.)
4. to be sensible; to be understanding; to be enlightened
5. to open (of a new road, railway, etc.); to be opened to traffic
6. to become populous; to become densely built; to become bustling
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12 strokes. JLPT N4. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
open, unfold, unseal
On: カイ
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  • 123577
    • みち
    • かなら必ず
    • ひら開けて
    • ゆく
    There will be an answer. Tatoeba
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