Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 弁 【ベン】 speech, tongue, talk, eloquence, dialect, brogue, accent, bento, Japanese box lunch, petal, valve, Oversight Department, division of the daijokan under the ritsuryo system responsible for controlling central and provincial governmental offices
  • 弁慶 【ベンケイ】 strong person, person putting on a brave front, bamboo tube with holes drilled in it (used as a stand for kitchen utensils, fans, etc.), checks, plaid, checked pattern
  • 代弁 【ダイベン】 speaking by proxy, speaking for (someone else), acting as spokesman (for), representing (the views, feelings, etc. of), payment by proxy, compensation by proxy, paying on behalf (of), acting for (someone else), carrying out (on someone's behalf)
  • 明弁 【メイベン】 discernment, clear analysis, clear expression, distinguished speech

Kun reading compounds

  • 弁える 【わきまえる】 to discern (e.g. right from wrong), to discriminate, to distinguish, to know (manners, one's place, etc.), to understand, to bear in mind


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