14 strokes
speech 言 (訁)
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2
JLPT level N5
618 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 読書 【ドクショ】 reading (books)
  • 読者 【ドクシャ】 reader
  • 積ん読 【ツンドク】 buying books and not reading them, stockpiling books, tsundoku, books bought but not read
  • 必読 【ヒツドク】 must-read, required reading
  • 読書 【ドクショ】 reading (books)
  • 読本 【トクホン】 reading-book, reader, guidebook, manual, textbook (esp. a pre-war elementary school Japanese language textbook)
  • 読点 【トウテン】 comma
  • 句読 【クトウ】 breaks and pauses (in a sentence), punctuation, way of reading (esp. kanbun)
  • 吏読 【リト】 Idu (archaic writing system that uses Chinese characters to represent the Korean language)

Kun reading compounds

  • 読む 【よむ】 to read, to recite (e.g. a sutra), to chant, to predict, to guess, to forecast, to read (someone's thoughts), to see (e.g. into someone's heart), to divine, to pronounce, to read (e.g. a kanji), to decipher, to read (a meter, graph, music, etc.), to tell (the time), to count, to estimate, to read (a kanji) with its native Japanese reading


Japanese names:
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
du2, dou4
dog, du


  • leer


  • leia


  • lire
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