5 strokes
hole, aperture, slit, cave, den
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6
JLPT level N1
1366 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 穴 【ケツ】 ass, arse, buttocks, rear, end, acupuncture point, hole, notch
  • 穴隙 【ケツゲキ】 crevice, aperture
  • 横穴 【ヨコアナ】 cave, tunnel, tunnel tomb (Kofun period)
  • 経穴 【ケイケツ】 acupuncture point

Kun reading compounds

  • 穴 【あな】 hole, opening, orifice, perforation, pit, hollow, cavity, hole (e.g. in the ground), burrow, den, lair, holt, hole, deficit, shortage, (financial) hole, loss, gap (left by a missing employee, team member, etc.), vacancy, opening, flaw, fault, defect, weak point, hole (in a theory, plan, etc.), loophole, good place not many people know about, well-kept secret, upset victory (with a large payoff), long shot, dark horse, (partitioned) box (type of floor seating in a traditional Japanese theatre), hiding place, hideout
  • 穴埋め 【あなうめ】 filling (up) a hole, filling in (for a gap, vacancy, etc.), stopgap, filler (e.g. article), making up (for a loss, damage, etc.), covering (a deficit), compensation, cloze deletion (test format)
  • 風穴 【かざあな】 air hole, windhole, ventilator
  • 横穴 【よこあな】 cave, tunnel, tunnel tomb (Kofun period)


Japanese names:
けな、 しし、 な
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
xue4, xue2


  • agujero
  • hueco
  • cueva
  • lugar poco conocido
  • lugar escondido


  • buraco
  • orifício
  • brecha
  • caverna
  • gruta


  • trou
  • orifice
  • fente
  • grotte
  • tanière
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