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Godan verb with nu ending, Irregular nu verb, intransitive verb
1. to die; to pass away
2. to lose spirit; to lose vigor; to look dead
3. to cease; to stop
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1. all out; like hell; like crazy; desperately; expecting to die
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Expression, Godan verb with u ending
1. to fight to the last (death)
Other forms
死ぬ迄戦う 【しぬまでたたかう】
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1. to death (bored, scared, etc.); to distraction; like crazy; like mad; so much; dying (e.g. for a drink)
Other forms
死ぬ程 【しぬほど】
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6 strokes. JLPT N4. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
death, die
Kun: し.ぬ し.に-
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    • ころ殺して
    • やる
    • ぶっころぶっ殺して
    • ふみつぶ踏み潰して
    • やる
    • くそったれ
    • 死ね
    I'll kill you! Knock your block off and grind you underfoot! You shithead! Die! Tatoeba
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