6 strokes
lack, yawn
next, order, sequence
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3
JLPT level N3
222 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 次 【ジ】 next, hypo- (i.e. containing an element with low valence), order, sequence, time, times
  • 次回 【ジカイ】 next time (occasion)
  • 目次 【モクジ】 table of contents, contents
  • 数次 【スウジ】 several times
  • 次第 【シダイ】 depending on, as soon as, immediately after, upon, as (e.g. "as one is told", "as one wishes"), whatever (e.g. "whatever is at hand"), order, program, programme, precedence, circumstances, course of events, state of things, reason
  • 次第に 【シダイニ】 gradually (progress into a state), in sequence, in order, in turn
  • 路次 【ロジ】 way, path, route, along the way, along the road

Kun reading compounds

  • 次ぐ 【つぐ】 to follow, to come after, to come next (to), to rank next (to), to rank second (to)
  • 次ぐ身 【つぐみ】 next in line, heir
  • 次 【つぎ】 next, following, subsequent, stage, station
  • 次々 【つぎつぎ】 in succession, one by one
  • 五十三次 【ごじゅうさんつぎ】 fifty-three stations on the Tōkaidō (Edo-Kyoto highway in Edo-period Japan)
  • 中継ぎ 【なかつぎ】 joining, joint, intermediation, acting as an intermediary, relaying, taking over, middle relief pitcher, middle reliever, pole-shaped item with a join in the middle, tea container with a lid that is the same size as the body


Japanese names:
き、 すき、 つぐ、 よし
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • siguiente
  • seguir


  • próximo
  • pedido
  • seqüência


  • suivant
  • ordre
  • successivement
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