12 strokes (also 13)
poles, settlement, conclusion, end, highest rank, electric poles, very, extremely, most, highly, 10**48
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 4
JLPT level N2
460 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 極 【キョク】 pole, climax, extreme, extremity, culmination, height, zenith, nadir
  • 極端 【キョクタン】 extreme, extremity
  • 両極 【リョウキョク】 both extremities, North and South Poles, positive and negative poles
  • 消極 【ショウキョク】 passive, negative, conservative, depolarization
  • 極 【ゴク】 quite, very, 10^48, quindecillion
  • 極秘 【ゴクヒ】 absolute secrecy
  • 極々 【ゴクゴク】 extremely, highly
  • 失礼至極 【シツレイシゴク】 extremely rude, impertinent, impolite

Kun reading compounds

  • 極める 【きわめる】 to carry to extremes, to go to the end of something, to reach the limits of something, to reach the peak of something (e.g. luxury, hardships, etc), to be extremely (e.g. busy), to investigate thoroughly, to research thoroughly, to master, to understand completely, to exhaust completely, to have nothing left (e.g. to say)
  • 極まる 【きわまる】 to reach an extreme, to reach a limit, to terminate, to come to an end, extremely, to be stuck, to be in a dilemma, to be at a loss, to be decided, to be settled
  • 極まり 【きわまり】 extremity, end, bound, limit
  • 極まりない 【きわまりない】 extremely, in the extreme, knows no bounds (e.g. rudeness), unparalleled, boundless (e.g. universe, ocean), limitless
  • 極み 【きわみ】 height, acme, extremity, peak, end, limit
  • 決める 【きめる】 to decide, to choose, to determine, to make up one's mind, to resolve, to set one's heart on, to settle, to arrange, to set, to appoint, to fix, to clinch (a victory), to decide (the outcome of a match), to persist in doing, to go through with, to always do, to have made a habit of, to take for granted, to assume, to dress up, to dress to kill, to dress to the nines, to carry out successfully (a move in sports, a pose in dance, etc.), to succeed in doing, to immobilize with a double-arm lock (in sumo, judo, etc.), to eat or drink something, to take illegal drugs
  • 決まる 【きまる】 to be decided, to be settled, to be fixed, to be arranged, to be unchanging, to be the same (as always), to be fixed, to be set, to be a fixed rule, to be destined, to be a convention, to be a custom, to be common knowledge, to be well executed (of a manoeuvre in a sport, game, etc.), to go well, to succeed, to connect (of a punch), to look good (of clothing), to look sharp, to be stylish, to suit one, to be held in place (of a hairdo), to be struck and held (of a pose in kabuki)


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • polo terrestre o magnético
  • muy
  • sumamente
  • extremadamente
  • alcanzar un extremo


  • postes
  • acordo
  • conclusão
  • fim
  • a mais alta posição
  • postes elétricos
  • muitos
  • extremamente
  • maior
  • altamente
  • 10 elevado a48


  • extrêmes
  • pôles (N et S)
  • décision
  • conclusion
  • fin
  • plus haut rang
  • pôles électriques
  • très
  • extrêmement
  • le plus
  • hautement
  • 10**48
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