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Adverb (fukushi)
1. purposely (of something needless, unexpected or seemingly counterproductive, etc.); daringly (doing something); deliberately; intentionallyUsually written using kana alone
Adverb (fukushi)
2. not necessarily; not particularly; not especiallyUsually written using kana alone, used with neg. verb
Adverb (fukushi)
3. definitely notUsually written using kana alone, Archaic, used with neg. verb
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12 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
daring, brave, bold, sad, tragic, pitiful
On: カン
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  • jreibun/30/1
    • 敢えて
    • を貸さず、
    • じりき自力
    • で立たせるようにしている。
    If my child falls and cries, I intentionally do not to lend a hand and leave him to stand up on his own. Jreibun
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