16 strokes
hand 手 (扌龵)
maneuver, manipulate, operate, steer, chastity, virginity, fidelity
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 6
JLPT level N1
1016 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 操 【ミサオ】 fidelity, honour, honor, constancy, chastity (of a woman), faithfulness (e.g. to one's husband)
  • 操業 【ソウギョウ】 operation (of a machine, factory, fishing boat, etc.), work
  • 柔軟体操 【ジュウナンタイソウ】 calisthenics
  • 器械体操 【キカイタイソウ】 apparatus gymnastics, artistic gymnastics

Kun reading compounds

  • 操 【みさお】 fidelity, honour, honor, constancy, chastity (of a woman), faithfulness (e.g. to one's husband)
  • 操を守る 【みさおをまもる】 to adhere to one's principles, to preserve one's chastity
  • 操る 【あやつる】 to operate (e.g. a machine), to handle, to manage, to control, to maneuver, to steer, to have a good command of (a language), to play proficiently (of a musical instrument), to work (a puppet), to pull the strings of a puppet, to manipulate (a person, public opinion, etc.), to pull the strings, to control from the shadows, to mastermind


Japanese names:
さお、 みさ
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
cao1, cao4


  • manipular
  • manejar
  • dirigir
  • castidad
  • fidelidad
  • virtud


  • manobra
  • manipular
  • opera
  • pilotar
  • castidade
  • virgindade
  • fidelidade


  • manipuler
  • manoeuvre
  • faite marcher
  • diriger
  • chasteté
  • virginité
  • fidélité
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