7 strokes
bristle, beard
shape, form, style
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2
JLPT level N3
418 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 形 【ケイ】 form, tense, adjective, i-adjective (in Japanese)
  • 形式 【ケイシキ】 form (as opposed to substance), format, form, style, manner, formality, form, mode, form, form (bilinear, quadratic, etc.)
  • 造形 【ゾウケイ】 molding, moulding, shaping, forming, modelling (i.e. plastic arts), modeling
  • 体型 【タイケイ】 figure, body shape, build, physique, form, somatotype, biotype, habitus, (type of) physique
  • 形相 【ギョウソウ】 look (esp. an angry or upset look), expression
  • 奇形 【キケイ】 deformity, malformation, strange shape, unusual shape
  • 大仰 【オオギョウ】 exaggerated, overblown, overdone

Kun reading compounds

  • 形 【かた】 shape, form, style, security, collateral, obverse of an old zeni coin
  • 形 【かたち】 form, shape, figure, visage
  • 借金のカタ 【しゃっきんのカタ】 security for a loan, collateral
  • 館 【やかた】 mansion, palace, manor house, castle, nobleman, noblewoman, dignitary, cabin (on a boat, carriage, etc.)
  • 形 【かたち】 form, shape, figure, visage
  • 形作る 【かたちづくる】 to form, to shape, to make, to mold, to mould, to build up
  • 顔かたち 【かおかたち】 features, looks
  • 姿形 【すがたかたち】 appearance, figure, shape, form
  • 形 【なり】 style, way, shape, form, appearance, state
  • 形体 【なりかたち】 one's appearance
  • 生成り 【きなり】 unbleached cloth, unbleached colour (color), unbleached, undyed
  • 鉤状 【かぎなり】 hooklike, hook-shaped, unciform


Japanese names:
Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):


  • forma
  • figura
  • tipo


  • forma
  • formulário
  • estilo


  • forme
  • style
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