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Noun, Noun, used as a suffix
1. hermitage; retreat
Other forms
庵 【いお】菴 【いおり】菴 【いお】廬 【いおり】廬 【いお】庵 【あん】菴 【あん】
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1. hermit's cell; retreat
2. Anshitsu
Other forms
庵室 【あんじつ】
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1. part alternation mark (symbol indicating the following words are taken from a song or that the person saying the words is singing); Unicode U+303D symbol
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1. owner of a hermitage; abbess; prioress; nun in charge of a Buddhist convent
Other forms
庵主 【あんしゅ】
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Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Godan verb with bu ending
1. to build oneself a hermitage
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庵野秀明 (小惑星)
Wikipedia definition
1. 9081 Hideakianno9081 Hideakianno (1994 VY) is a main-belt asteroid discov... Read more
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11 strokes. Jinmeiyō kanji.
hermitage, retreat
Kun: いおり いお
On: アン
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  • 220658
    • この
    • たくあん沢庵
    • しおけ塩気
    • 足りない
    The pickled radish needs a touch of salt. Tatoeba
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あん 【庵】
Family or surname
1. An
いおり 【庵】
Female given name, Family or surname
1. Iori
いほり 【庵】
Family or surname
1. Ihori
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