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Noun, Noun which may take the genitive case particle 'no'
1. old person; elderly person; senior citizenSensitive
  • めがみ目が見えない
  • かんごふ看護婦
  • としよ年寄り
  • せわ世話をする
  • こと
  • いっしん一身
  • ささ捧げた
The blind nurse devoted herself to caring for the elderly.
2. trustee of the Japan Sumo Association; retired high-ranking wrestler who is licensed to coach and receives retirement paySumo
3. senior statesman (of the Tokugawa shogunate)
4. important local official (under the Tokugawa Shogunate)
Wikipedia definition
5. ToshiyoriA toshiyori (年寄) is a sumo elder of the Japan Sumo Associ... Read more
Other forms
年寄 【としより】年より 【としより】
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とし 年寄
I-adjective (keiyoushi)
1. in the manner of an old person; like that of an old person; fusty; old-fashioned; fogyish
Other forms
年寄り臭い 【としよりくさい】
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とし 年寄
1. child born of older parents
2. child raised by grandparents; child spoiled by doting grandparents
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としみず 年寄
Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Noun
1. an old man's indiscretionsIdiomatic expression, used as an admonishment to old people to not do dangerous things
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1. child born of older parentsSee also 年寄りっ子
2. child raised by grandparents; child spoiled by doting grandparentsSee also 年寄りっ子
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とし 年寄
Noun or verb acting prenominally
1. like an old man; like an old woman
Other forms
年寄り染みた 【としよりじみた】
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6 strokes. JLPT N5. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 1.
year, counter for years
Kun: とし
On: ネン
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11 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 5.
draw near, stop in, bring near, gather, collect, send, forward
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  • jreibun/4598/2
    • あくとくぎょうしゃ悪徳業者
    • こうれいしゃ高齢者
    • の自宅を訪問し
    • ききんぞく貴金属
    • あんか安価
    • かいと買い取る
    • など、
    • おとしよお年寄り
    • はんだんりょく判断力
    • ていか低下
    • じょう乗じた
    • 犯罪が増加している。
    Crimes that take advantage of the impaired judgment of older people, such as unscrupulous traders visiting the homes of older people and buying precious metals at unreasonably low prices, are on the rise. Jreibun
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