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Godan verb with ru ending, intransitive verb
1. to get on (train, plane, bus, ship, etc.); to get in; to board; to take; to embark
  • 時の
  • れっしゃ列車
  • 乗る
  • つもり
  • です
  • I'm catching the 11:00 train.
2. to get on (e.g. a footstool); to step on; to jump on; to sit on; to mountSee also 載る のる
  • そんなに
  • たくさん沢山
  • パン
  • 乗る
  • You really put that much in the sandwich?
3. to reach; to go over; to pass
  • だま騙された
  • といと言ってしまえばそれまで
  • です
  • 、「
  • うまい話
  • 乗った
  • とうにん当人
  • である
  • こと
  • まちが間違いありません
  • If you say "I was tricked," well that's certainly so but there's no mistaking that you were the one who signed up on a "sweet deal".
4. to follow; to stay (on track); to go with (the times, etc.)
5. to take part; to participate; to join
6. to get into the swing (and sing, dance, etc.)
7. to be deceived; to be taken in
8. to be carried; to be spread; to be scatteredusu. with an adverb of manner, e.g. よく乗る
9. to stick; to attach; to take; to go onusu. with an adverb of manner, e.g. よく乗る
Other forms
乘る 【のる】
乘る: Out-dated kanji.
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Expression, Adverb, No-adjective
1. win or lose; sink or swim; make or break; all or nothingUsually written using kana alone
Other forms
乗るか反るか 【のるかそるか】
乗るか反るか: Irregular kanji usage.
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9 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
ride, power, multiplication, record, counter for vehicles, board, mount, join
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  • 140828
    • ぜんいん全員
    • その
    • くるま
    • 乗った
    All of us got into the car. Tatoeba
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