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Godan verb with u ending, Transitive verb
1. to finish; to stop; to end; to put an end to; to bring to a closeUsually written using kana alone
  • かいもの買い物
  • 済ませて
  • しまったら
  • でんわ電話
  • します
  • I will call you when I have done my shopping.
2. to close (a business, etc.); to close down; to shut down; to shut upUsually written using kana alone
3. to put away; to put back; to keep; to storeUsually written using kana alone
  • ほん
  • ノート
  • しまいなさい
  • Put away your books and notebooks.
Auxiliary verb, Godan verb with u ending
4. to finish ...; to do ... completelyUsually written using kana alone, after the -te form of a verb, indicates completion (and sometimes reluctance, regret, etc.)
  • やって
  • しまった
  • こと
  • もど戻らない
  • What is done cannot be undone.
Other forms
終う 【しまう】了う 【しまう】蔵う 【しまう】
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1. zebraUsually written using kana alone
Wikipedia definition
2. ZebraZebras are several species of African equids (horse famil... Read more
Other forms
斑馬 【しまうま】しま馬 【しまうま】シマ馬 【シマうま】シマウマ斑馬 【まだらうま】
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1. Gymnogobius opperiens (var. of goby)Usually written using kana alone
Other forms
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1. zebra sole (Zebrias zebrinus)Usually written using kana alone
Other forms
縞牛舌 【しまうしのした】シマウシノシタ
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1. banded hare-wallaby (Lagostrophus fasciatus); munning
Wikipedia definition
2. Banded hare-wallabyThe banded hare-wallaby or mernine (Lagostrophus fasciatu... Read more
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  • 74156
    • しかし
    • その
    • かしきんこ貸金庫
    • あずけ預けている
    • もの
    • ねら狙った
    • おとこ
    • たち
    • 、ハナ
    • ゆうかい誘拐
    • されて
    • しまう
    • その
    • ゆうかいはん誘拐犯
    • たち
    • じつ実は
    • けいじ刑事
    • だった
    However men, seeking the contents of that safe, kidnap Hana. And those men were really detectives. Tatoeba
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しまうえ 【島上】
Family or surname
1. Shimaue
しまうえ 【嶋上】
Unclassified name
1. Shimaue
しまうしがわ 【島牛川】
1. Shimaushigawa
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