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Nidan verb (lower class) with tsu ending (archaic), Transitive verb
1. to throw away; to cast away; to dump; to discardArchaism, See also 捨てる すてる
2. to abandon; to desert; to leaveArchaism, See also 捨てる すてる
3. to give up; to resignArchaism, See also 捨てる すてる
Other forms
棄つ 【すつ】
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Nidan verb (lower class) with tsu ending (archaic), intransitive verb
1. to end; to be finished; to be exhaustedArchaism, See also 果てる
2. to die; to perishArchaism, See also 果てる
Auxiliary verb
3. to do utterly; to do completely; indicates an extreme has been reachedArchaism, See also 果てる
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