1. ingredient
2. foodstuff
  • きた来る
  • とちゅう途中
  • みせ
  • 寄って
  • しょくざい食材
  • 買って
  • 来た
  • んです
  • そなえあればうれ備えあれば憂いなし
  • です
  • On the way we dropped in at the shops and bought foodstuffs. They say well prepared means no worries.
Wikipedia definition
3. IngredientAn ingredient is a substance that forms part of a mixture (in a general sense). For example, in cooking, recipes specify which ingredients are used to prepare a specific dish. Many commercial products contain a secret ingredient that is purported to make them better than competing products. In the pharmaceutical industry, an active ingredient is that part of a formulation that yields the effect required by the customer.
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