1. Nagaoka-kyō (capital of Japan 784-794)Historical term
2. Nagaokakyō (city)Only applies to ながおかきょう
3. Nagaokakyou
Wikipedia definition
4. Nagaoka-kyōNagaoka-kyō was the capital of Japan from 784 to 794. Its location was reported as Otokuni District, Yamashiro Province, and Nagaokakyō, Kyoto, which took its name from the capital. Parts of the capital were in what is now the city of Nagaokakyō, while other parts were in the present-day Mukō and Nishikyō-ku, both in the city of Kyoto. In 784, the Emperor Kammu moved the capital from Nara (then called Heijō).
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Other forms
長岡京 【ながおかのみやこ】


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