1. youUsually written using kana alone, trad. polite in ref. to someone of equal or lower status, now oft. regarded as rude or distant
  • まいばん毎晩
  • じゅうぶん十分な
  • すいみん睡眠
  • とれば
  • あなた
  • ずっと
  • 気分がよく
  • なる
  • だろう
  • If you get enough rest every night, you'll feel much better.
2. dear; honeyFamiliar language, Usually written using kana alone, Only applies to 貴方, Only applies to 貴男, used by wives addressing their husbands
  • ねえ
  • あなた
  • たち
  • 行かない
  • Don't go, dears.
Other forms
貴女 【あなた】貴男 【あなた】


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