Godan verb with su ending, Transitive verb
1. to permit; to allow; to approve; to consent to
  • サンプル
  • たくわ貯える
  • こと
  • ゆる許される
  • べきではない
  • It shouldn't be permitted to store samples of DNA.
2. to forgive; to pardon; to excuse; to tolerate
  • あなた
  • こうかい後悔
  • している
  • なら
  • ゆる許して
  • あげよう
  • As you are sorry, I'll forgive you.
3. to exempt (someone) from; to remit; to release; to let off
4. to acknowledge; to admitSee also 自他ともに許す
5. to trust; to confide in; to let one's guard downSee also 心を許す, See also 気を許す
6. to give up (points in a game, distance in a race, etc.); to yield
Other forms
赦す 【ゆるす】聴す 【ゆるす】


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