1. language; dialectSee also 言語
  • ことば言葉
  • いちめん一面
  • でんたつ伝達
  • しようとする
  • いし意志
  • である
  • かれ
  • 言う
  • "One aspect of language is an intent to communicate," he says.
2. word; words; phrase; term; expression; remarkSee also 単語
  • ことば言葉
  • 出て
  • こなかった
  • Words failed me.
3. speech; (manner of) speaking
  • こういった
  • ことば言葉
  • つか使い
  • かれ
  • じんかく人格
  • 合わない
  • Such language doesn't harmonize with his character.
4. learning to speak; language acquisition
Wikipedia definition
5. Ci (poetry)Ci is a kind of lyric Classical Chinese poetry using a set of poetic meters derived from a base of certain patterns of fixed-rhythm, fixed-tone, variable line-length formal types, or model examples, which were originally based on musical song tunes. For speakers of English, the word "ci" is pronounced somewhat like "tsuh". It is also known as Changduanju (長短句/长短句 "lines of irregular lengths") and Shiyu (詩餘/诗馀 "that which is beside poetry").
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Other forms
詞 【ことば】辞 【ことば】言葉 【けとば】
けとば: Out-dated or obsolete kana usage.


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