しろばなたんぽぽ 白花蒲公英
1. Taraxacum albidum (species of white dandelion)Usually written using kana alone
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2. Taraxacum albidumTaraxacum albidum is a species of dandelion that grows in eastern Eurasia. A member of the Asteraceae, it is a perennial herbaceous plant native to the southern part of Japan. It is sometimes mistaken for Taraxacum coreanum, but T. coreanum grows wild chiefly in the Korean Peninsula and some parts of China. Taraxacum albidum is a cross between T. coreanum and Taraxacum japonicum. (Tatsuyoshi Morita, Moleculer phylodenetic analyese of polyoloid complex of East Asian Taraxacum, 1996-1997.)
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