1. heat
  • ねつ
  • によって
  • こおり
  • みず
  • 変わる
  • Heat turns ice into water.
2. fever; temperature
  • ねつ
  • あります
  • I have a fever of 102 degrees.
Noun, Suffix
3. zeal; passion; enthusiasm; mania; craze; rage
  • かれ
  • がくせいうんどう学生運動
  • ねつ
  • 浮かされている
  • He is being carried away by a student movement.
Wikipedia definition
4. HeatHeat is energy transferred from one system to another by thermal interaction. In contrast to work, heat is always accompanied by a transfer of entropy. Heat flow is characteristic of macroscopic objects and systems, but its origin and properties can be understood in terms of their microscopic constituents. Heat flow from a high to a low temperature body occurs spontaneously. This flow of energy can be harnessed and converted into useful work by means of a heat engine.
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