Ichidan verb, intransitive verb
1. to stream; to flow (liquid, time, etc.); to run (ink)
  • かわ
  • パリ
  • ながれ流れている
  • The Seine flows through Paris.
2. to be washed away; to be carried
  • とうじ当時
  • きれいな
  • みず
  • この
  • かわ
  • にも
  • なが流れていた
  • Pure water was washed away to this river as well at that time.
3. to drift; to float (e.g. clouds); to wander; to stray
4. to sweep (e.g. rumour, fire); to spread; to circulate
  • デイブ
  • あやしい
  • という
  • うわさ
  • なが流れた
  • Word got around that Jeanette and Dave were having an affair.
5. to be heard (e.g. music); to be played
  • その
  • ニュース
  • ちょうど
  • ラジオ
  • なが流れた
  • ところ
  • The news has just come on the radio.
6. to lapse (e.g. into indolence, despair)
7. to pass; to elapse; to be transmitted
8. to be called off; to be forfeited
9. to disappear; to be removed
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10. NagareruNagareru is a 1956 Japanese film directed by Mikio Naruse. The black-and-white drama starred Kinuyo Tanaka, Isuzu Yamada, Hideko Takamine, Mariko Okada, Haruko Sugimura, Sumiko Kurishima, Chieko Nakakita, Natsuko Kahara, Seiji Miyaguchi, Daisuke Katō, Nobuo Nakamura, Kumeko Otowa and others.
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