Godan verb with gu ending, Transitive verb
1. to pour (into)See also 注ぐ つぐ
  • わたし
  • ビニールぶくろビニール袋
  • ワイン
  • そそ注ぎ
  • それから
  • それ
  • こおりみず氷水
  • 付けた
  • I poured the wine in a plastic bag and then dipped it in ice water.
2. to sprinkle on (from above); to water (e.g. plants); to pour onto; to spray
  • その
  • へや部屋
  • には
  • にっこう日光
  • さんさんと
  • そそ注いでいた
  • The room was bathed in sunshine.
3. to shed (tears)
  • かれ
  • ゆうじん友人
  • たす助ける
  • こと
  • ぜんりょく全力
  • そそ注いだ
  • He concentrated his energies on helping his friend.
4. to concentrate one's energy (strength, attention, etc.) on; to devote to; to fix (one's eyes) on
  • かわ
  • やま
  • から
  • くだ下って
  • わん
  • そそ注いでいる
  • The river descends from the mountains to the bay below.
Godan verb with gu ending, intransitive verb
5. to flow into (e.g. of a river); to run into; to drain into
6. to fall (of rain, snow); to pour down
Other forms
灌ぐ 【そそぐ】潅ぐ 【そそぐ】濺ぐ 【そそぐ】漑ぐ 【そそぐ】


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