1. general; ordinary; usual
  • わたし
  • ふつう普通
  • にちよう日曜
  • いちにち1日
  • ぼんやり
  • やりすごやり過ごします
  • I usually spend the whole day idly on Sunday.
2. normally; generally; usually
  • あなた
  • ふつう
  • ちょうしょく朝食
  • こうちゃ紅茶
  • 飲みます
  • Do you usually have tea for breakfast?
3. reallyColloquialism, as 普通に
4. local train; train that stops at every stationAbbreviation, See also 普通列車
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5. Normality (behavior)Normality (also known as normalcy) is the state of being normal. Behaviour can be normal for an individual (intrapersonal normality) when it is consistent with the most common behaviour for that person. "Normal" is also used to describe when someone's behaviour conforms to the most common behaviour in society. Definitions of normality vary by person, time, place, and situation – it changes along with changing societal standards and norms.
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