1. new; neo-
  • しん
  • サービス
  • りょうきん料金
  • せってい設定
  • マーケティング
  • おこな行う
  • The marketing department is responsible for pricing new service.
2. newness; novelty
3. Gregorian calendarAbbreviation, See also 新暦
4. Xin dynasty (of China; 9-23 CE); Hsin dynastyHistorical term
Wikipedia definition
5. Xin DynastyThe Xin Dynasty was a Chinese dynasty (although strictly speaking it had only one emperor) which lasted from AD 9 to 23. It followed the Western Han Dynasty and preceded the Eastern Han Dynasty. The sole emperor of the Xin Dynasty, Wang Mang (王莽), was the nephew of Grand Empress Dowager Wang Zhengjun. After the death of her step-grandson Emperor Ai in 1 BC, Wang Mang rose to power. After several years of cultivating a personality cult, he finally proclaimed himself emperor in AD 9.
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