1. koban; small oval gold coin used in the Edo periodSee also 大判
Noun, Noun which may take the genitive case particle 'no'
2. oval; elliptical; oblongSee also 小判型
3. small size (of paper)See also 判 はん
Wikipedia definition
4. Koban (coin)The koban was a Japanese oval gold coin in Edo period feudal Japan, equal to one ryō, another early Japanese monetary unit. It was a central part of Tokugawa coinage. The Keichō era koban, a gold piece, contained about one ryō of gold, so that koban carried a face value of one ryō. However, successive mintings of the koban had varying (usually diminishing) amounts of gold. As a result, the ryō as a unit of weight of gold and the ryō as the face value of the koban were no longer synonymous.
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