1. zigzag-shaped paper streamer often used to adorn Shinto-related objects
2. hornbeam (deciduous tree in the birch family)Only applies to 四手, Only applies to 垂
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3. Shide (Shinto)is a zigzag-shaped paper streamer, often seen attached to shimenawa or tamagushi, and used in Shinto rituals. A popular ritual is using a haraegushi, or "lightning wand", named for the zig-zag shide paper that adorns the wand. A similar wand, used by miko for purification and blessing, is the gohei with two shide. A Shinto priest waves the haraegushi over a person, item, or newly bought property, such as a building or car.
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Other forms
垂 【しで】紙垂 【しで】椣 【しで】紙垂 【かみしで】紙四手 【かみしで】


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