Godan verb with u ending (special class), Transitive verb
1. to ask; to inquire
  • かれ
  • もう
  • いっぱい一杯
  • いかが
  • 問う
  • Ask if he wants another drink.
2. to blame (someone) for; to accuse of; to pursue (question of responsibility); to charge with
  • この
  • おとこ
  • せっとうざい窃盗罪
  • 問われた
  • This man was charged with theft.
3. to care about; to regard as importantSee also 問わず, used in neg. form
  • あなた
  • じんしゅ人種
  • ねんれい年齢
  • しゅうきょう宗教
  • 問いません
  • I don't care about your race or age or religion.
4. to call into question; to doubt; to questionusu. in passive form
Other forms
訪う 【とう】


to talk about this word.