1. priestly teacher; preceptorBuddhism, Honorific or respectful (sonkeigo) language, trad. pronounced おしょう in Zen and Pure Land, かしょう in Tendai and Kegon, わじょう in Shingon, Hosso, Ritsu and Shin Buddhism
  • ころも
  • ばかり
  • おしょう和尚
  • できぬ
The robes do not make the monk.
2. monk (esp. the head monk of a temple); priest; head priestBuddhism, Only applies to おしょう, Only applies to かしょう
3. second highest priestly rank in BuddhismBuddhism, See also 法眼
4. master (of one's art, trade, etc.)
5. Wajou
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6. BhikkhuA Bhikkhu or Vhikṣu is an ordained male Buddhist monastic. A female monastic is called a Bhikkhuni Nepali: भिक्षुणी. The life of Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis is governed by a set of rules called the patimokkha within the vinaya's framework of monastic discipline. Their lifestyle is shaped to support their spiritual practice, to live a simple and meditative life, and attain Nirvana.
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Other forms
和尚 【かしょう】和尚 【わじょう】和上 【かしょう】和上 【わじょう】


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