Noun, Suru verb
1. tiller; offshootBotany
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2. Tiller (botany)A tiller is a stem produced by grass plants, and refers to all shoots that grow after the initial parent shoot grows from a seed. Tillers are segmented, each segment possessing its own two-part leaf. They are involved in vegetative propagation and, in some cases, also seed production . "Tillering" refers to the production of tillers and is a property possessed by many species in the family Poaceae. This enables them to produce multiple stems (tillers) starting from the initial single seedling.
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Other forms
分けつ 【ぶんけつ】分糵 【ぶんけつ】分蘖 【ぶんげつ】分げつ 【ぶんげつ】分糵 【ぶんげつ】
分糵: Irregular kanji usage. 分糵: Irregular kanji usage.


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