1. world; society; publicOnly applies to 世
  • ひかり
  • やってきやって来た
  • Light has come into the world.
2. life; lifetime
  • しんぶん新聞
  • どうこう動向
  • さゆう左右
  • する
  • Newspapers influence the current of time.
3. age; era; period; epoch; generation
4. reign; rule
5. the timesOnly applies to 世
6. world (of existence)Buddhist term, Only applies to 世
Wikipedia definition
7. Series (stratigraphy)Series are subdivisions of rock layers made based on the age of the rock and corresponding to the dating system unit called an epoch, both being formally defined international conventions of the geological timescale. A series is therefore a sequence of rock depositions defining a chronostratigraphic unit. Series are subdivisions of systems and are themselves divided into stages.
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Other forms
代 【よ】


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