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1. long-handled Chinese spear; lance; pike
2. weapon; armsOnly applies to ほこ
3. grip of a bowOnly applies to ほこ
4. parade float decorated with long-handled Chinese spearsAbbreviation, See also 矛山車
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5. Hoko yariHoko yari is an ancient form of Japanese spear or yari sa... Read more
Other forms
鉾 【ほこ】戈 【ほこ】鋒 【ほこ】戟 【ほこ】桙 【ほこ】槍 【ほこ】鋒 【とかり】
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1. point of spear; spearheadSee also 鋒先 ほさき
2. brunt; aim of attack; force of argument
Other forms
鉾先 【ほこさき】ほこ先 【ほこさき】鋒先 【ほこさき】鋒 【ほこさき】
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1. parade float decorated with long-handled Chinese spearsSee also
Other forms
鉾山車 【ほこだし】
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1. spear-shaped Japanese cedarSee also
Other forms
鉾杉 【ほこすぎ】
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14 strokes.
halberd, arms, festival float
Kun: ほこ
On: ボウ
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  • 75925
    • だし山車
    • いわゆる
    • 鉾山車
    • 呼ばれる
    • かたち
    • しゃりん車輪
    • みっ3つ
    • もしくは
    • よっ4つ
    • 付いています
    The Kawagoe festival float has the shape of what's called a hoko float. It has three, or four, wheels attached. Tatoeba
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ほこ 【鉾】
Family or surname
1. Hoko
ほこい 【鉾井】
Family or surname
1. Hokoi
ほこいし 【鉾石】
Family or surname
1. Hokoishi
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