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Noun, Noun, used as a suffix
1. investigation; inspection; examination
  • せんせい先生
  • われわれ
  • とうあん答案
  • しら調べ
  • いそが忙しい
The teacher is busy looking over our tests.
Noun, Noun, used as a suffix
2. tune; note; melody
  • どこ
  • から
  • ハープ
  • りゅうれい流麗な
  • しら調べ
  • 聞こえて
  • きた
They could hear the elegant, flowing sound of a harp coming from somewhere.
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Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
1. to examine; to look up; to investigate; to check up; to sense; to study; to inquire; to search
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Godan verb with 'su' ending
1. to re-examine; to review; to recheck
Other forms
調べなおす 【しらべなおす】
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1. matter to be checked or investigated
Other forms
調べ物 【しらべもの】
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Godan verb with 'su' ending
1. to hunt up; to locate; to inquire out
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Kanji — 1 found

15 strokes. JLPT N3. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3.
tune, tone, meter, key (music), writing style, prepare, exorcise, investigate, harmonize, mediate
On: チョウ
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Sentences — 48 found

  • jreibun/9818/1
    • やまおく山奥
    • むら
    • にまで古い
    • いいつた言い伝え
    • を調べに来るなんて、
    • ものず物好きな
    • ひと
    • もいるものだ。
    Some people are so curious that they would come to a village this deep in the mountains to check out an old legend. Jreibun
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しらべ 【調】
Female given name, Family or surname
1. Shirabe
しらべ 【調和】
Female given name
1. Shirabe
しらべかいめい 【調海明】
Full name
1. Shirabe Kaimei
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