Words — 17 found

1. corner; edge
  • ぎざぎざの
  • かど
  • かれ
  • ズボン
  • 引っかかって
  • あなをあ穴を空けた
  • The jagged edge ripped a hole in his trousers.
2. (street) corner; turning
  • つぎ次の
  • かど
  • みぎ
  • 曲がり
  • なさい
  • Turn right at the next corner.
3. rough edges (of one's character, words, etc.); abrasiveness; harshness; sharpness
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1. intractable; angular
Other forms
角々しい 【かどかどしい】
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1. house located on a street corner; corner house
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1. ozeki-ranked wrestler in danger of losing his rankSumo term
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1. make-or-break game in a go or shogi tournament
2. ozeki-ranked wrestler being in danger of losing his rank if he fails to win 8 or more bouts in a 15-day tournamentSumo term
Other forms
角番 【かどばん】かど番 【かどばん】
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1. bales forming the outer rim of the ringSumo term
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Expression, Ichidan verb
1. to mellow; to become softened by maturity
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Expression, Godan verb with ru ending
1. to round off the corners
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Godan verb with ru ending, intransitive verb
1. to be angular; to jut out; to be pointed; to be sharp; to be jagged; to be rugged
2. to be formal; to be stiff; to be ceremonious
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Expression, Godan verb with tsu ending
1. to cause offenseIdiomatic expression
Other forms
角が立つ 【つのがたつ】
つのがたつ: Irregular kana usage.
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Kanji — 1 found

7 strokes. JLPT N2. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2.
angle, corner, square, horn, antlers
Kun: かど つの
On: カク
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Sentences — 67 found

  • 76159
    • くろぬ黒塗り
    • リムジン
    • キー
    • いう
    • タイヤ
    • おと
    • とともと共に
    • かど
    • 曲がった
    A black limo rounded the corner with a squeal of tires. Tatoeba
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Names — 120 found

かど 【角】
Family or surname
1. Kado
かどあき 【角明】
Given name, gender not specified
1. Kadoaki
かどあな 【角穴】
Family or surname
1. Kadoana
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