11 strokes
dark, profound
ratio, rate, proportion, %, factor, lead, spearhead, command
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 5
JLPT level N1
383 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 卒爾 【ソツジ】 abrupt, sudden
  • 卒然 【ソツゼン】 sudden, unexpected, unannounced, abrupt
  • 短慮軽率 【タンリョケイソツ】 impulsive and imprudent, rash and unthinking
  • 兜率 【トソツ】 Tusita (heaven, pure land)
  • 率 【リツ】 rate, ratio, proportion, percentage
  • 率を定める 【リツヲサダメル】 to fix the rate
  • 倍率 【バイリツ】 magnification, leverage, amplification, scaling factor, scale factor, competitiveness rating (e.g. for university entrance), applicant-to-acceptance ratio
  • 定率 【テイリツ】 fixed rate

Kun reading compounds

  • 率いる 【ひきいる】 to lead, to spearhead (a group), to command (troops)


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
lu:4, shuai4, shuo4
sol, ryul


  • proporción
  • tasa
  • dirigir
  • mandar
  • verdad
  • franqueza
  • indiscreción
  • liderar
  • encabezar


  • razão
  • valor
  • proporção
  • %
  • coeficiente
  • fator


  • taux
  • rapport
  • proportion
  • %
  • coefficient
  • facteur
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