13 strokes
weapon, lance
break, destroy, censure, be chipped, be scratched, be broken, be ruined
Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 毀損 【キソン】 damage, injury, defamation, harm
  • 毀壊 【キカイ】 breaking, demolishing, smashing, destroying, wrecking, being broken, being ruined, being destroyed, being worn out
  • 焼毀 【ショウキ】 completely destroying by fire
  • 誹毀 【ヒキ】 defamation, libel, calumny, slander

Kun reading compounds

  • 毀つ 【こぼつ】 to destroy, to break, to damage
  • 壊す 【こわす】 to break, to destroy, to demolish, to wreck, to ruin, to spoil, to damage, to break (a bill, etc.)
  • 毀れる 【こぼれる】 to be chipped, to be nicked
  • 壊れる 【こわれる】 to be broken, to break, to fall apart, to collapse, to be destroyed, to be damaged, to break (down), to stop working, to fall through (of a plan, deal, etc.), to collapse, to break down (of a relationship, negotiations, etc.), to be broken off, to be ruined (of an atmosphere, one's image, etc.)


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):




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