Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 嵌合 【ハメアイ】 fitting together (e.g. nuts and bolts), fit
  • 嵌張 【カンチャン】 wait for the middle tile of a chow

Kun reading compounds

  • 嵌める 【はめる】 to fit (e.g. a pane into a frame), to insert (e.g. a cork), to fasten (a button), to put on (something that envelops; e.g. a ring, gloves), to place (a hoop) around, to attach (e.g. a hose to a tap), to pigeonhole (into a particular category), to force (into a mold), to place (restrictions) on, to entrap, to take (someone) in, to set (someone) up, to deceive, to throw into, to have sex, to fuck
  • 嵌まる 【はまる】 to fit, to get into, to go into, to be fitted with (e.g. door with a window), to be fit for (a job, etc.), to be suited for, to satisfy (conditions), to fall into, to plunge into, to get stuck, to get caught, to be deceived, to be taken in, to fall into a trap, to get addicted to, to get deep into, to become crazy about, to become stuck on


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
qian4, qian1




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