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  • jreibun/683/2
    • もとせんぱい元先輩
    • にいろいろと相談し、参考になるアドバイスをたくさんもらった。
    When I was seeking employment, I consulted with some people who used to belong to the same club as I and were ahead of me in college, and received a lot of helpful advice. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/702/1
    • もちもの持ち物
    • や態度、
    • はなしかた話し方
    • についてもよく研究している。
    To make as good an impression as possible in an interview, students often pay attention to their belongings, attitude, and speaking style while job hunting. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/3354/2
    • ひか控え
    • 、就職活動
    • けいけんしゃ経験者
    • あに
    • に面接で
    • こころえ心得て
    • おくべき
    • ふるま振る舞い
    • やマナーについて教えてもらった。
    While preparing for an upcoming interview at a company I really wanted to work for, I asked my older brother, who has experience in job hunting, for his advice regarding the behavior and manners I should adopt during the interview. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/5362/1
    • げんざい現在
    • しゅうしょくかつどうちゅう就職活動中
    • じゅっしゃ/じっしゃ10社
    • おうぼ応募した
    • が、
    • すべ全て
    • しょるいせんこう書類選考
    • で落ちた。
    I am currently looking for a job and have applied to 10 companies, but I was rejected by all of them during the application process. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/6082/2
    • きんねん近年
    • 、就職活動支援の
    • じゅうじつ充実
    • をアピールする大学も少なくないが、やはり大学の
    • やくわり役割
    • として、社会に貢献する研究者を育てる「
    • 」の育成を忘れてはいけないだろう。
    In recent years, many universities have attempted to attract potential students through marketing their enhanced systems for job search assistance. However, we must not forget that the role of universities is to foster “knowledge,” in that universities need to nurture the next generation of researchers who will contribute to society. Jreibun
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  • jreibun/7366/1
    • ちから
    • 入れて
    • いるが、なかなか
    • ないてい内定
    • 得られない
    • 。「
    • なん何とか
    • しなければ」と
    • あせ焦る
    • 気持ちばかりが大きくなる。
    I am putting a lot of effort into job hunting, but I am not getting any job offers. I am getting increasingly impatient about this day by day. Jreibun
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  • 148242
    • しゅうしょくかつどう就職活動
    • じき時期
    • はや早まる
    • けいこう傾向
    • あり
    • マスコミ
    • かくしゃ各社
    • めんせつ面接
    • その
    • せんとう先頭
    • たっている
    The job-seeking season is starting earlier each year and it's the mass media that are causing that trend by moving up their job interview schedule. Tatoeba
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