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Godan verb with ru ending, Intransitive verb
1. to get in; to go in; to come in; to flow into; to set; to set inSee also 入る はいる, See also 気に入る, See also 立ち入る, mainly used in fixed expressions and compound verbs
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Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
1. consider your income before spendingProverb
  • もっと
  • けいひ経費
  • おさ抑えろ
  • いるをはかりていずるをな入るを量りて出ずるを為す
  • いう
  • こと
  • 知らん
  • We have to cut business expenses here. Haven't you ever heard of looking at how much you're getting before you start spending?
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Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
1. cut your coat according to your clothProverb
Other forms
入るを計りて出ずるを制す 【いるをはかりていずるをせいす】
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2 strokes. JLPT N5. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 1.
enter, insert
On: ニュウ ジュ
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  • 74207
    • この
    • こうえん公園
    • にしがわ西側
    • ちか近い
    • ところ
    • どうろ道路
    • そうおん騒音
    • おお大きい
    • おく
    • はいる
    • もう
    • 聞こえない
    Near the west side of the park there's a lot of noise from the road, but when you go into the park you can't hear it any more. Tatoeba
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