12 strokes
bullet, twang, flip, snap
Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high
JLPT level N1
853 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 弾 【ダン】 counter for parts, stages, installments, etc. (of a story, series, project, campaign, etc.), counter for bullets
  • 弾圧 【ダンアツ】 oppression, suppression, pressure
  • 防弾 【ボウダン】 bulletproof, bombproof
  • 砲弾 【ホウダン】 shell, cannonball
  • 弾棋 【ダンギ】 ancient Chinese board game similar to go
  • 弾指 【ダンシ】 snapping the fingers (esp. by striking the side of the middle finger with the thumb; to indicate consent, joy, a warning, etc.), moment, instant, criticism, shunning, rejection

Kun reading compounds

  • 弾く 【ひく】 to play (a stringed or keyboard instrument)
  • 弾む 【はずむ】 to spring, to bound, to bounce, to be stimulated, to be encouraged, to get lively, to pay handsomely, to splurge, to part eagerly with (money, etc.), to breathe hard, to pant, to be out of breath
  • 玉 【たま】 ball, sphere, globe, orb, bead (of sweat, dew, etc.), drop, droplet, ball (in sports), pile (of noodles, etc.), bullet, bulb (i.e. a light bulb), lens (of glasses, etc.), bead (of an abacus), ball (i.e. a testicle), gem, jewel (esp. spherical; sometimes used figuratively), pearl, female entertainer (e.g. a geisha), person (when commenting on their nature), character, item, funds or person used as part of a plot, egg, okonomiyaki, coin, precious, beautiful, excellent
  • 弾傷 【たまきず】 bullet wound, gunshot wound
  • 弾く 【はじく】 to flip, to snap, to flick, to repel, to use (an abacus), to calculate, to strum, to pluck the strings (of a guitar, etc.)
  • 弾ける 【はじける】 to burst open, to split open, to pop, to be bursting with (e.g. youth, laughter, flavor), to bounce, to bound
  • 弾正台 【だんじょうだい】 Imperial Prosecuting and Investigating Office (1869-1871), Imperial Prosecuting and Investigating Office (under the ritsuryō system)


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
dan4, tan2


  • bala
  • pelota
  • chasquido
  • golpe seco
  • chasquear
  • tocar (piano
  • guitarra
  • etc.)


  • Bala (arma)
  • fanhoso
  • sacudidela
  • estalo


  • boulet
  • rebond
  • chiquenaude
  • vibration
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